Forget New Year Resolutions. Choose Year-Round Development.


Every January, we’re flooded by articles and advice about new year resolutions. Thankfully these days there is also a lot of conversations about why it’s pretty much impossible to stick to these resolutions!

It’s not you, it’s the resolution!

It’s hard to start or stop a habit because sheer will does not work long-term. Making a lasting change about a deep-seated habit can’t be done by will alone. Sooner or later, the pattern that was supporting the habit comes back in full force.

What’s needed is changing the pattern. And that’s what personal development is all about.

The bad news is that more effort is going to be required than reading advice, signing up for some membership or getting a new app. The good news is that once we have reached one level deeper into our personal development, much more is possible, not just one new year resolution. Just one level deeper and we understand life in a different way, we look at reality in a different way, and we of course approach challenges in a different way as well. We also feel more joy and we feel more in tune with the flow of life.

And that’s why although I write advice - just like everyone else with a keyboard and an opinion : ) - my commitment is to personal development and I will always encourage you to work at that level. It’s what works.

Because development is tied to deepening our level of presence, a good start for everyone is to work on becoming more present to our immediate experience.

Regardless of your new year resolution, see if you can start with taking a few deep breaths while you take your next shower, fully feeling into each stage and sensation of the breath, slowly and mindfully.

And go from there.