Is Beauty The Key To Success In Dating?


Let’s not beat around the bush, being pretty, beautiful, handsome opens a lot of doors… and in dating too.


1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder:

Beauty is more subjective than we think. What a specific culture and its corresponding mass media judge attractive will leave others indifferent and conversely. In a lot of ways, there is a lid for every pot; in beauty too.

2. Beauty’s advantage is limited:

Although being perceived as beautiful or handosme gets your foot in the door – and it’s a huge advantage for sure – it’s really just limited to that first step and nothing else. Beauty and attractiveness do not make anyone a great date or a great partner. It’s important to focus on the big picture when looking for a serious relationship.

3. Eveything else matters much more:

People go crazy for the pretty and handsome and sometimes just these attributes are enough to keep someone hooked for a little while. However if there is nothing else to build up an emotional connection, the relationship will not continue. People who are not considered the most beautiful or handome in their dating pool can dramatically increase their chances by focusing on emotional connection. This trumps beauty everytime, especially in situation where dating starts in “real life” rather than through online photos and profiles.

4. It’s always worthwhile to make an effort:

Although beauty is an advantage, anyone can make an effort with their appearance regardless of their genetics and what they start with. The first kind of effort is worth to do for yourself regardless of dating success: taking good care of yourself by having the healthiest diet possible, by exercising regularly and by maintaining an excellent hygiene is always a great investment for your own sake. The second kind of effort is about doing the best with what you have by making smart choices with outifts, grooming, etc. The right clothing, haircut, facial hair or make up can make a huge difference.

5. Inner joy is what makes people truly beautiful:

It’s impossible for someone burning with joy to not be beautiful and attractive, regardless of body type and specific physical features. The eyes of someone living in joy are bright and inviting. Cultivating inner joy and the desire to share this joy with others are a much more worhtwhile focus of attention than mere physical appearance. When you do this, it’s win win: you enjoy your life better and your dating life improves dramatically!