Where Are You Going To Meet Your Future Life Partner?

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Did you make a crystal-clear intention to meet your life partner this year? If yes, I'm super excited for you!

To me, there is nothing better than sharing life with a loving and committed partner.

If you have struggled to meet new people in the past, your first step this time around is going to create fantastic opportunities to meet new people to date!

The most effective way to meet new people is using a two pronged approach: setting up an online profile working for you in the background while also actively opening yourself up to meeting your partner in your day-to-day life and weekly activities.

Here are a few specific ideas to make this happen for you sooner rather than later:

1. Using a niche-specific online website or app:

Do you know that about a third of new relationships start online nowadays? Regardless of how you feel about online dating (you don't have to enjoy it : ), you have to add this method to your toolkit because you don’t want to miss out on this very effective way of meeting new people. However, online dating is not for the faint of heart (it takes nerves of steel!) and it’s not as effortless as it looks like (you will need to invest some time every day to send and reply to messages).

To make it work well for you, I suggest you to use a website targeting people more likely to be compatible to your dating goals and to your must-have criteria. With online dating you get what you pay for, so please consider investing a little for the benefit of attracting people who are serious about creating a happy and healthy relationship and who are more likely to be compatible to you.

Ladies, using free websites and apps will lead to way more “What’s up, babe?” messages and photos of body parts you are not interested to see so early on! The more efforts an app requires of its users, the more serious its participants will be, and the more your energy investment will pay off.

Be in touch with me if you'd like expert support to write an irresistible profile, come up on top of the competition inherent to online dating and navigate website-to-real life transitions effectively, safely and gracefully. Online dating is more effective and more fun when you know how to use this method skillfully and artfully!

2. Choosing healthy activities allowing short conversation opportunities:

I have a soft spot for meeting new people while engaging in a “real life” activity. You get to enjoy an activity while making friends and having a chance to get to know people without any pressure before going on dates with them. Win, win, win!

The best activities for meeting new people allow participants to have short conversations with multiple people while engaging in the activity. It could be something you already like doing or that you’re curious to try out this year!

I can’t resist sharing my two favorites as they are good for everyone (yes, even if you don’t feel like trying them : ) and they work amazingly well to meet new people to date:

  • Social dancing: in the USA, social dancing is popular for both women and men (it's sadly not the case in my home country of Belgium) so it’s an ideal way to meet people while doing something fun and healthy. In beginner classes, dance partners rotate every few minutes so you meet plenty of people while gently challenging your body and mind. Do you think that you have two left feet and that your inner critic won’t stop ridiculing you? Take it as a developmental activity! Learn to turn your inner critic into an ally, create new connections in your brain and improve your balance and coordination! There are so many styles to choose from that you can for sure find one that is more appealing to you: ballroom dances going from waltz to cha cha, Argentine tango, salsa, blues, and of course all the swing styles such as East Coast swing and lindy hop… What music do you like most? Give it a try! I met my husband dancing Argentine tango and I still cherish our meeting story : )
  • Hiking: there are so many meetup groups and clubs organizing hikes of various difficulty levels that you can probably find a suitable one near you. Hiking is excellent for your health, it connects you to your body and the beauty around you, and you get some much needed fresh air! Because it attracts both men and women and allow casual conversations as you hike, you are guaranteed to meet new people and have a chance to set up dates!

3. Being open to meeting people in your day-to-day life:

The problem of our modern busy-ness and over-reliance to technology is that we unwillingly end up behaving like robots in our day-to-day life: we rush between appointments and activities, we glue ourselves to our smartphone while standing in line, and we get caught up in our circular thought patterns instated of paying attention to what’s going on around us and most importantly to whom is right next to us!

Your future life partner could be the gentleman standing right behind you at the grocery store checkout or the lady waiting for her favorite warm drink at your neighborhood coffee shop! Do not dismiss the possibilities of chance encounters and practice being present in your daily activities. A smile, a hello and a funny comment could lead to a great date and maybe more : )

I wish you the best of luck!

And be in touch if you'd like guidance in your journey. I'd be thrilled to support you!