The Thread of Ariane Coaching - Coaching Sessions, Ongoing Support & Program Completion

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Last week, we left off at the start of your Integral Coaching Program. At that point, you had received a detailed action plan to work towards your dating and/or relationship goals and you have started working at home on your new exercises and activities.

What's next?

Let's first talk about Coaching Sessions.

As expected, we'll meet up regularly for coaching sessions. Duh, right? Meetings will be in person, over the phone, or by videoconference. Meetings in person can take place at a variety of locations and don't even have to be indoors. I have coached clients on sunny lawns, at the terrace of hip coffee shops, and even walking in nature. 

Sessions are 60-90 minutes long because I want you to have plenty of time to check-in and reflect on what you have accomplished since the last session, while also being able to do some concrete work together during the session.

It takes time to get to that sacred place of insight and growth. How frustrating it is to have to stop when things are just getting "ripe". No need to keep an eye on the clock at The Thread of Ariane!

The work accomplished during sessions depends of course on what we're working on at that time. It could be finalizing a kick-ass online dating profile, role-playing a difficult conversation, or even going on a meditative walk together. I usually plan our session in advance, based on what you have shared at an earlier check-in, but I adapt on the spot to make the session relevant to what you need and what would be most effective in the here and now.

You'll definitely get a Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit workout during our sessions!

 Bonus: Ongoing Additional Support.

In addition to our coaching sessions, working with me means having a fantastic ally on your side at all times and benefiting from an incredible amount of support throughout your whole coaching program.

Check it out:

  • After each session, you'll receive a follow-up email recapping the main points discussed, your new action items, and the digital version of all new documents provided.
  • We'll have email check-ins in-between sessions and whenever additional support is useful. For example you might want to discuss your upcoming dates over email or you could need a tweak in an activity that is part of your program. If that's the case, I'd rather provide you with the adjustment you need right away rather than having you wait until the next session.
  • I also offer weekly short emergency phone calls if needed. Dating and relationships are dynamic and things can change quickly! You'll find useful to be able to ask an urgent question or discuss a concern that is too long to type or too confidential to handle over email.
  • You'll get regular program updates, based on your progress and/or new directions that you might wish to pursue. The first program you receive is only a beginning; I will be constantly monitoring your progress and taking you to the next stage as soon as you are ready. We'll take the time we need, but not more time than needed. It's all about being productive and effective.
  • Of course, you'll choose how much support you need at any given time. You can be in touch with me as much or as little as you want. I'll leave you alone if you prefer minimal intervention, and I'll be super responsive and available if you enjoy receiving ongoing support. You decide.

Completion of your Integral Coaching program.

Our Completion Session is a special meeting. We'll schedule a 90-120 min session because in addition to session work, we’ll debrief your whole program and evaluate where you’re at in your journey. 

We'll also update your program one last time, by selecting a few powerful activities and useful resources to support you holistically as you continue on your own and become your own coach.

At that point, you will feel more whole, more balanced, more skilled in powerful new competencies, and your way of being in relationships will have been transformed. 

Invest in yourself. Flourish in love!