Online Dating vs Meeting in Real Life

What's your favorite way of meeting prospective partners? Online or in Real Life?

Understanding the pro's and con's of both methods will allow you to be more effective at meeting new people who are compatible to you and who share the same relationship goals.

Let's start with what used to be the only way to meet prospective partners and arrange dates:

Meeting in Real Life:


  • Meeting in person gives the opportunity to assess chemistry right away.
  • Easy to meet people who share the same interests, which can facilitate a sense of connection.
  • Sharing a social circle, even for a brief period of time, increases the sense of responsibility in treating each other well even if the relationship does not develop further. 
  • When meeting friends of friends, your prospective partners have been "pre-vetted" and are not complete strangers.


  • Meeting in real life requires to be reasonably socially active.
  • Because of the possibility of chance encounters, it's best to look presentable and be on your best behavior at all times : )
  • Little information about a prospective partner is known beforehand.
  • Number of new encounters/dates limited by time available to be out in the world.

Now, let's talk about what's quickly becoming the new norm to find people to date:

Online Dating:


  • Online dating dramatically increases opportunities to get in touch with new people looking for a relationship.
  • An online profile works for you while you're busy doing something else, even sleeping!
  • Possibility to screen prospective partners based on specific criteria.
  • Online dating gives you the opportunity to meet people very different than the ones you meet in your current social circles.


  • Online dating requires writing a profile that sets you apart from the crowd, getting a variety of excellent photos, and taking the time to communicate with multiple prospects. It's quite a bit of work.
  • Having to deal with people casting a wide net just to see who "bites".
  • List of profiles can give the illusion of choice and of endless possibilities.
  • Technology can dehumanize the process and lead some people to forget that they are interacting with real human beings with real needs and feelings.

Do you have any pro's and con's to add to this? Please add them in the comments section!

Now, what does you Dating Coach recommend?

Although it's perfectly valid to choose one method and stick to it, being open to the possibility of meeting people both online and in real life would maximize your chances of finding your Special Someone sooner rather than later.

How can you take advantage of the pro's of Online Dating and of Meeting in Real Life while minimizing their con's ?