The Thread of Ariane Coaching - Getting to Know You & The Start of Your Coaching Program

Getting to know you. The unique you.

We tend to expect that cookie-cutter recipes from self-help books and one-size-fit all advice from so-called dating gurus will work for everyone. Well, they don't and it's because each person is unique and in the middle of unique circumstances.

Investing time, energy and financial resources in one-on-one coaching gives you the incredible value of a custom service tailored to the unique person that you are, your current circumstances, and the specific dating or relationship issue you're bringing up to coaching.

Your personality, gender identity, sexual orientation, values, beliefs, family of origin, culture, and unique challenges you're dealing with influence who you are, how you live your life and how you are going to experience dating and relationships. As your coach working with you - a unique person facing unique circumstances - I will need to get to know you very well in order to support you effectively on your dating and relationship journey.

No cookie-cutter and one-size-fit-all at The Thread of Ariane!

That's why our first session will be all about getting to know you. Of course, getting to know you will be an ongoing process throughout our coaching engagment, but I'll ask you to give me about two hours of your time to focus on exploring who you are and how you live your life. We'll also talk about your dating or relationship issue, what makes it challenging for you, what you have tried so far, and how things will feel and look like when you will have fulfilled your intention.

Clients have reported getting new powerful insights from that very first session. Indeed, while I get to know the whole you, you make new connections between thoughts, feelings, facts and events in your life, and all of that happens thanks to feeling deeply listened to and accepted just as you are.

And because our first session is definitely a coaching session, you'll go home with a first concrete action item that will allow you to embark on your new coaching adventure right away. Dating and relationship issues are urgent concerns requiring to be addressed immediately.

While you get started with your first action item, I will work my magic and custom design an Integral Coaching program just for you. How exciting!

Ok, but what does that mysterious Integral Coaching program consist of?

In a nutshell, an Integral Coaching program is a holistic combination of inspiring language, suggestions, activities, resources, and ongoing support that will engage your Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit, encourage you to tap into your strengths, develop the competences and skills needed to resolve your dating or relationship issue, and all of that while creating/maintaining a good self-care regimen and ensuring that you are fully supported as you challenge yourself and grow.

Isn't it amazing?

At our second session, you'll receive your coaching binder containing the following documents:

  • Your Welcome Letter with plenty of useful information to keep on hand.
  • The Purpose & Outcomes Statement of your program. This is a powerful document that we'll create together and that will state your purpose for our work together. Depending on the length of our engagement, we'll write two to four outcomes that we want to see fulfilled by the end of the program. 
  • Your Integral Coaching Program. It will consist of new strategies, new activities, and new resources to incorporate into your life and specifically designed to allow you to develop the skills and competences needed to fulfill your intention.
  • All the supportive documents and resources that will assist you in your new adventure.
  • Plenty of space to add your notes and own resources.

And that's how you embark on your journey to effective, authentic, and joyful dating and/or happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationships!

Next week is the last installment of this series. I'll be talking about Coaching Sessions, Ongoing Support, and Program Completion.