The Thread of Ariane Coaching - Your Free Initial Consultation

Let’s imagine for a moment that your dream is finding your special someone - sooner rather than later! - or making your relationship with your partner happier, healthier and more fulfilling.

After months or years of status quo, you realize that you’ll have to do things differently if you’re going to succeed in reaching your goal. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. You hear about Dating & Relationship Coaching at The Thread of Ariane and wonder how working with me could get you to where you want to be.

Well, it’s pretty easy to find out. Simply contact me through my website, Facebook, or by email and ask me any question you may have or directly make a request to schedule your free Initial Consultation. This consultation is all about answering your questions and finding out how it feels to be in a conversation with one another. No expectation. No pressure. No commitment.

I’ve been a volunteer peer counselor for seven years, which means listening to people from all walks of life for hundreds of hours and for free. I would love getting to know you, your dreams, and your challenges. Listening to you and answering all your questions is a privilege, regardless of what you choose to do afterwards.

Depending on what works best, we’ll either meet in person, over the phone, or by videoconference, and we’ll spend about 30 to 45 minutes discussing the following points:

  • What are your goals and intentions? What have you tried so far? How would your life look like once your coaching issue is resolved?
  • Is coaching the adequate type of support that you need? If yes, would I be the best coach for you at this time?
  • What questions do you have about coaching and about working with me?
  • How are confidentiality and privacy respected in a coaching relationship?
  • If we were to work together, what kind of coaching program would best suit your needs? How often and where would sessions take place? What additional support would you receive? How much would it cost and how would the fees be paid?

I honor high standards of confidentiality. I will not reveal any information about you - not even that we have had an initial consultation - without your consent. This is especially important if we have acquaintances in common.

 Here are a few tips on what to look for as you interview a coach:

  • Throughout the conversation, how did you feel in the coach’s presence? Did you feel comfortable? Did you feel heard? Did you feel that you could trust the coach?
  • Could you express yourself freely? Did the coach express themselves freely?
  • Do you respect the coach? Do they seem to have good judgment? Are they credible?
  • What’s their experience as a coach? Have they coached someone else on a similar coaching issue? What was the outcome?
  • Are they available? Are they organized? What is the extent of the support they provide?

And finally, here is what I’m looking for in a prospective client:

  • Does the client seem to be comfortable with me? Do they seem to respect me and trust me, and do they seem able to express themselves freely even if they disagree with me?
  • Is coaching adequate for what they want to accomplish? (*) If yes, do I have a sense that I can make a difference for this client? Am I already getting some insights and ideas that would help this client?
  • Is the client honest?
  • Is the client motivated and willing to learn? Are they open to new perspectives?
  • Does the client have time in their life for regular sessions and daily exercises?

(*) Coaching is not suitable to heal serious trauma or overcome mental illnesses and addictions. For these issues, psychotherapy is the best option and I'd be happy to provide you with adequate referrals if needed. Once these issues have been stabilized, coaching can be a great way to address other concerns while developing a self care regimen supporting well-being and recovery.

After our Initial Consultation, I will follow up by emailing you any relevant information, such as a recap of what we discussed and my Coaching Agreement if requested. What comes next is up to you!

Coming up: Getting to know you and the start of your Integral Coaching Program.