Integral Coaching - Because You're Worth It!

I’m going to interrupt your regularly scheduled self care and relationship programming to chat about coaching for a bit!

It’s very purposefully that I chose New Ventures West to be trained and certified as an Integral Coach. I had witnessed and experienced how extraordinary and powerful Integral Coaching is as a method for self-development, excellence, and fulfillment and because of my almost decade-long experience with inner work I was convinced by the necessity of grounding one’s personal development in mindfulness and in the integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Furthermore, in addition to encouraging clients to become excellent at what they want to accomplish and self-correcting as they learn new competences, the intention of an Integral Coach is to lead their clients to become self-generating when facing new challenges. This methodology therefore fits my values perfectly because I’m into self-sufficiency and do not want to encourage long-term dependency on my services.

Integral Coaching is unfortunately still primarily offered in the form of Executive Coaching in corporate settings, and I have felt quite frustrated that managers, directors, and CEOs get the benefit of such a powerful methodology while the rest of you are left behind with so-called “life coaching” and oftentimes the belief that coaching is limited to getting an advice giver, accountability partner and cheerleader.

Effective Personal Coaching can be much more than that and I’m dedicated to making the incredible methodology of Integral Coaching accessible to you, even if you’re not a top executive.

Integral Coaching - Because you’re worth it!

When coaching is holistic and based on development rather than problem solving, the Personal Coaching services that you receive are way, way, way more transformative and effective than simple advice giving and cheerleading. It’s an invitation to resolve your coaching issue (and future issues) by expanding confidently into your whole self and developing new competences that will allow you fulfill the life you have been called to live. You not only resolve the concerns that brought you to coaching in the first place; you also become more capable of resolving future issues. You become your own coach.

In the same way that psychotherapy has become a widely accepted and valued resource for self-understanding and healing, it’s time for Personal Coaching to be recognized as a powerful method for self-development and excellence, one that can actually be most effective to address and resolve dating and relationship issues specifically.

Because coaching is still quite mysterious to those who have not yet benefitted from it, over the next few blog posts I’m going to give you more details about what is it like to work with me, from the very first meeting until the completion of an Integral Coaching program.

Stay tuned for more information on where it all starts: your free 30-45 minute Initial Consultation!