Maximize Your Self Care ROI

So much to do. So little time!

Self care is an investment. It takes time and effort to engage in practices that build reserves of energy. When we do not have much time, how can we get the best return on our time and effort investment?

We have three main intelligence centers:

  • Mind
  • Heart
  • Body

Each one of us:

  • Favors one center and overly relies on it,
  • Has a relatively balanced center that causes little trouble,
  • Neglects/ignores the third center.

To maximize our Self Care ROI, I find it most effective to focus on our weakest center of intelligence. The bad news is that it does not come intuitively and is likely to trigger some resistance; the good news is that such focus can lead to good results relatively quickly, thanks to the rebalancing effect that strengthening our weakest center will have.


  • For someone overly relying on their emotional center and neglecting their physical center, exercizing vigorously could be very effective to process feelings somatically. Such practice would result in releasing the energy of old emotions effectively and therefore centering more quickly.
  • For someone overly relying on their physical center and neglecting their mental center, committing to a journaling practice could be a very beneficial activity to encourage reflection and contemplation. This would result in more clarity, less confusion, and more comfortable and effective decision-making.
  • For someone overly relying on their mental center and neglecting their emotional center, engaging in an art practice based on what they feel in the moment would be a creative way to balance their three centers. Such practice would result in greater self-compassion and have a positive effect in relationships with others.

We tend to do more of what we already do too much. How about challenging this instinct to boost our self care effectiveness and rebalance Mind, Heart, and Body at the same time?

Journaling Questions:

  • What center of intelligence do I tend to overly rely on?
  • How do I know? What examples come to mind?
  • What center of intelligence do I tend to neglect/ignore?
  • How do I know? What do I consistently avoid?
  • What activities do I engage into a lot that tend to reinforce this unbalance?
  • What new activity could I implement to strengthen my weakest center of intelligence?