Got New Year Resolution?

New Year Resolution.jpg

Have you ever made a New Year Resolution, enthusiastically started on January 1st, only to fall off the wagon come February? (Or ahem, January 3rd?)

You’re not alone!

Although a resolve is powerful, more is needed to overcome our natural homeostasis, which is our built-in biological resistance to change.

In the next four posts I’m going to share a few ideas on how to turn a New Year Resolution into an actual outcome.

In the meantime, here are a few Journaling Questions to get started:

(Yes, go get yourself a lovely new journal!)

  • What habit/activity would I like to stop/start?
  • How do I feel emotionally and physically when I engage in the habit/activity that I would like to stop? How do I feel emotionally and physically about the prospect of not incorporating the new habit/activity into my life?
  • Which obstacles are in the way of making the intended change?
  • What would support me in making the intended change?

From Resolution to Action: