From Resolution to Action - Asking for Support

The concept of asking for support whenever embarking on a new challenge got ingrained in me during my training as an Integral Coach.

After all, on one hand, it makes complete sense.

We’re not alone. We're in this together. Let's encourage one another and build each other up.

 On the other hand, simply considering asking for support can trigger pretty nasty rants from the judge within (aka the inner critic, or superego):

  • “Support? What kind of loser needs support?”
  • "It's so easy, you shouldn't need any help."
  • “Are you going to make a fool of yourself by revealing that you're working on that!?”
  • “Everybody can do it, stupid!”
  • "You're so weak. Strong people don't need help."
  • "They're going to laugh at your face."
  • “If you get support, it’s not really going to be your success, isn’t it?”

And on and on and on. Our inner critic doesn't build us up. It tears us down from the inside. Mercilessly.

Yet, asking for and getting support as we embark on a new challenge could lead to fantastic outcomes:

  • Teaming up with someone who would like to fulfill the same intention.
  • Inspiring someone to work on their own challenge.
  • Benefitting from an accountability partner to help us stay on track.
  • Trading ideas to increase our chances of success.
  • Giving a chance to someone to be of service.
  • Creating a network of mutually supportive relationships.
  • Practicing humility.

No success is ever truly 100% our own. For a start, most of us owe our daily energy to the men and women who work very hard at growing our food. How about allowing a family member, a friend, or even a new acquaintance to help us succeed in our new intention?

Journaling Questions:

  • How am I feeling emotionally and physically when I consider asking for support?
  • What's the state of my network of support?
  • Who could be interested in working with me on the same intention?
  • Who could help me in fulfilling my new resolution?
  • How would I ask for support?
  • How could technology assist me in getting help?
  • Who could I support? How would I offer support to someone? How would I respond to a request for support?

From Resolution to Action: