Invest in Yourself. Flourish in Love.

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Happy New Year 2016!

The most valuable investment we can ever make is developing ourselves.

The return of such investment is incredibly profound: we become more authentic to our true selves, we relax into the flow of the life we are meant to live, and we become excellent at sustaining the most precious human experience - a happy, healthy, and long-lasting intimate and loving relationship.

With a passion for holistic self care and for everything related to the building and nurturing of healthy and happy relationships, Iā€™m launching The Thread of Ariane to support you in your journey towards incredible well-being and a fulfilling loving relationship.

I help women of all ages succeed in dating and in creating the loving relationship of their dreams. I also support couples by equipping them with essential tools that will help them flourish throughout all stages of their commitment to one another. My services include developing communication and conflict-resolution skills, as well as premarital coaching.

Blending my background in neuroscience research, peer counseling, mindfulness, yoga, the Enneagram and the principles of Chinese medicine with the methodology of Integral Coaching and my own personal experience, I bring deep empathy, intuition, and creativity in service of your personal development and your love life.

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Be well, be in love!