"Working with Ariane was a very positive experience. Often with an ongoing commitment, I experience a point of feeling dread at having to do it. I never experienced that feeling during this program. The assignments were reasonable and do-able. I would definitely recommend her to others.

I feel that her style of listening, summarizing and giving feedback worked well. She clearly had given thought to what we had previously discussed in between sessions. Most importantly, her intuition seemed to guide her well through the process.

I really appreciate how thoughtful she was about this whole process. I felt seen, considered, heard and supported. Ariane is incredibly spiritual and intuitive. She is a delightful presence and I am so grateful for our work together."

Sharon Eisenhauer, founder With Meraki, Oakland, CA

"First and foremost, I felt supported through this process. It is rare that I feel heard or understood. So, I felt that someone was listening to me and cared about how I felt without being irritated with me, without rushing me through my thought process and without forming judgments about me. That meant more to me than anything!

The assignments you gave me were manageable. The exercises helped me through self-exploration and learning new ideas and concepts from the book list you recommended.

I learned that I can only do so much. I was gently reminded that I can get things accomplished, but not everything needs to be accomplished at once. I learned that I need to refocus on my self-care, which unfortunately had been neglected with my new job and strange work schedule. I am now incorporating all of the things we discussed and putting myself first for once. I feel like I am learning to live again. Thanks so much for your efforts."

Stephanie Howard, Law Enforcement, Oakland, CA

"Working with Ariane was a unique and life altering experience. She supported me in identifying key areas of growth, introduced me to approaches and practical tools for addressing them, and then accompanied me as I implemented changes in my habits of thought and action. Thanks to her coaching, I have overcome key challenges that I had carried with me for years and now feel more contentment and inner joy. I also feel equipped with the knowledge and skills to engage future challenges that come my way. In my work with Ariane, I always felt encouraged and empowered, and never felt pushed. I felt truly listened to and understood, and never judged. She has a peaceful and unassuming presence, and she radiates joy and enthusiasm for life, so it was a pleasure to benefit from her coaching."

Neika Portillo, PhD candidate in Education, UC Berkeley, CA