What does a Integral Coaching Program look like?

Please read my four-part blog series on how coaching looks like at The Thread of Ariane:

In a nutshell, a typical Integral Coaching program consists of 12 sessions scheduled biweekly over the course of 5 to 6 months, although shorter or longer programs are sometimes best suited to the client's needs.

Sessions can take place in a variety of ways: in person at my lovely backyard office in the East Bay Area, at other San Francisco Bay Area locations, over the phone, by videoconference, or a mix of these depending on what's best for each session.

I've been known to coach my clients at hip coffee shops, on sunny lawns, by walking in nature, and even at the gym. I believe in enjoying our surroundings, in drawing energy and inspiration from nature, and in being creative and having fun!

Sessions consist of course of conversations, but also of in-session exercises and practices whenever appropriate or supportive. I have guided my clients into mindfulness exercises, physical movement, and communication practices during our sessions.

Since change and progress do not happen simply by listening to inspiring advice or by talking about what we would like to accomplish, an Integral Coaching program requires the client's willingness to engage into exercises, self-awareness activitites, and new practices. Such program takes a certain amount of energy and commitment to be effective, yet is compatible with a busy lifestyle.

Below is an introduction of the different programs I currently offer. Please be in touch with any request of customization as we can certainly design together a program that will best suit your needs. It's also possible to make changes along the way, depending on how life unfolds.

And because I speak two languages, sessions can be conducted in English, in French, or a mix of both.

Coaching programs offered:

  • The Short Thread – Mini program of 3 in-person sessions, weekly phone calls as needed, and unlimited email support. Program will be completed in four to six weeks.

  • The Ball of Thread – Program of 12 in-person sessions, weekly phone calls as needed, and unlimited email support. Program will be completed in about six months.

  • The Custom Thread – Ongoing monthly support to continue after a 12-session program.