My name is Ariane Kessel, and I’m a Certified Integral Coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I was named after Ariadne, who according to the Greek mythology gave a ball of thread to Theseus to help him find his way out of the labyrinth after defeating the Minotaur.

What my work is all about:

As with the thread in the Greek myth, my coaching work is an offer of guidance in your journey towards the happy and healthy relationship that you desire. My areas of expertise are self care, life design, dating and relationships. I'm passionate about helping you flourish in your life and in your relationships!

In my coaching work, I support people of all ages create a harmonious life, well-balanced between all the elements that make a life well lived. I guide them in their beautiful journey of building and nurturing happy and healthy relationships, both personal and professional.

A large aspect of my work is also devoted to helping individuals in creating and/or solidifying a custom regimen of holistic self care, capable of nourishing them throughout all seasons of their life, from their 20s till their retirement and beyond.

My background story:

Originally from French-speaking Belgium, I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area over ten years ago. The wonderful human diversity, bubbling energy, and abundant sunshine have been an incredible source of inspiration in my journey towards harmony, fulfillment, and love.

Finding harmony and joy was not easy. It took me (too) many years of exploration and (too) many twists and turns to learn the art of self care and relationship care. I wish I had known about the existence of coaching at that time because this is exactly the kind of support I would have needed. It would have saved me a lot of pain and a lot of time.

My intention is to offer you the service I so desperately needed years ago, so that you can fulfill your dreams more effectively and by having more fun in the process. When you know there is a better way, why would you spend years in confusion and pain when just a few months of focused work customized to your personality and needs could transform your life?

About my education and experience:

On one hand (or one side of the brain), I have a Master’s in Biochemistry and 15 years of experience in Molecular Biology and Neuroscience research. I'm fascinated by our incredible nervous system and the always-expanding human mind, and I'm excited to share with my clients new discoveries critical in understanding how we develop and build new competencies. 

On the other hand (or the other side of the brain), my never-ending interest in human beings and my deep natural empathy led me to serve as as a volunteer peer counselor at the Berkeley Free Clinic. For the last eight years I have had the privilege to create a supportive space and listen deeply to hundreds of clients from all walks of life.

I have also been an Acupressure Practitioner specialized in Stress Management for almost a decade. I completed two extensive trainings at the former Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, in which I got initiated to the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and various bodywork methodologies. These studies allowed me to experience and witness the power of the body-mind-heart-spirit connection and understand self care in a holistic way.

Guided by my passion for human development, my desire to integrate my deep empathy and intuition about human beings with my organized and logical mindset, and the drive to share all the knowledge and insights I have accumulated in the last decade of research and experimenting in various methodologies, I completed the rigorous training of New Ventures West and became a Certified Integral Coach.

Blending my background in neuroscience research, peer counseling, mindfulness, yoga, the Enneagram and the principles of Chinese medicine with the methodology of Integral Coaching and my own personal experience, I bring deep empathy, intuition, and creativity in service of your personal development and goals.

Why Integral Coaching rather than life coaching?

Integral Coaching is about coaching the Whole You, not merely the issue you bring up, or some isolated part of yourself. Every facet of yourself will be welcomed, fully accepted, and will be encouraged to unfold.

An Integral Coach is not just an advice-giver or an accountability partner. In addition to giving you suggestions to resolve your dating or relationship coaching issue, my work is also about supporting you in your development, by allowing you to discover new ways of being, creating balance, building competence and resourcefulness, so that you become more able to fulfill your intentions, even long after our collaborative work is completed. This is the difference between "life coaching" and Integral Coaching.

If we decide to work together, we will develop a coaching relationship based on mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual freedom of expression. I will be empathic. I will be non-judgmental. I will be authentic. I will be your ally.